Hydrotherapy is based on the therapeutic effect of water on the body or some parts of it by using different forms of sprinklers, pressures and temperatures. It can contribute improving different illnesses, through the pressure exerted on the body and through the temperature changes that affect the nervous system and the blood circulation.

Great creative ideas come while we take a shower.


The shower is the best form of hydrotherapy because of the water is constantly renewed and this provokes constant mechanical and thermal stimuli.

A gentle and abundant rainfall of warm water, created by misting nozzles with cold and hot water, combined with chromotherapy, music and aromas.

A combination of a gentle rainfall created by the main shower head and various massage sprays heads built into the walls at different levels.

A gentle massage using small jets of hot and cold water all over the body, ending with a gentle rainfall of warm water from the upper shower head.

An abundant and pleasant rainfall, which combined with cold water misting spray heads provides a thermal contrast.

A gentle massage of small jets of hot and cold water on the legs and back, which finishes with a gentle rainfall of warm water from above. Combines with chromotherapy.

Alternating hot water with cold water, tones the nervous system (anti-stress effect) and stimulates the circulatory system.

Gentle spray with an infinity of small drops of water that forms a mist, enveloping the body and creating a delightful sensation.

A gentle but continuous rainfall of warm water, produced by a 25 cm diameter shower head with multiple small nozzles and equipped with an aromatherapy system.

Large gentle constant rainfall of warm water with multiple small nozzles, which combined with abundant cold water, produce a thermal change.

Combines a gentle rainfall created by the main shower head and various massage spray heads built into the walls at different levels.

 This shower, for professional use, has incorporated controls to carry out a Scottish shower treatment directed and personalized by a physiotherapist. It allows applying cold or hot water and alternating it manually through a touch screen.

Its main function is improving the massage’s efficacy and facilitating the body hygiene during the treatments of a physiotherapist with mud and algae. The massage is received under water microjets with a bithermal alternance.

Dumps a large amount of cold water onto the user in a very short period of time. It is ideal after a sauna, steam bath or any other high thermal treatment.

The bi-thermal sequential mist corridor activates the body’s circulation with each step. The system alternates cold and hot water jets over the whole body

A corridor with cobblestones in the ground and a lateral system of water jets that spray cold and hot water in an alternate way.

Shower Temples

Due to the great need to achieve a return on the space that the thermorecreational areas are experiencing at present, Inbeca has developed different combinations among showers with the aim of optimizing the space-capacity relationship in the phases of thermal contrast that were usually equipped with special showers. Thus, one of the most outstanding advantages of our shower temples is that they only need a limited space for the machinery equipment, since they are all concentrated in a same room. Besides, the shower temples allow our customers to create attractive atmospheres with elegant finishings, and to the final users the possibility to alternate different types hydrotherapy treatments in a same area without having to practically move.

"Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar." Pablo Picasso

Automatic and programmable pressure jet massage bath with which to enjoy multiple hydrotherapy options.

Professional hydrotherapy bathtub with angular shapes and 3 independent hydromassage areas.

Hydrotherapy baths

Inbeca’s Hydroprofi bath is adapted for the treatment of every type of muscular problems and it is also ideal to accelerate many aesthetic treatments such as slimming treatments, sculpturing treatments, firming treatments, anti-cellulite treatments, etc