Relaxation and Beauty

Massages, chromotherapy, halotherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy, combined in equipment and furniture, all designed to provide experiences of well-being, health and beauty, with an infinite number of treatment options.

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings.” Hypocrites

Massage Tables

The massage tables are on another level, accompanying the therapist and client and providing instruments for relaxation and well-being that enhance therapies and beauty treatments.


Multi-purpose thermal centre with cutting-edge technology, including a steam bath, Scottish shower, chromotherapy and music therapy.


By attaching a canopy it becomes a thermal table with an aromatherapy steam bath.


Multi-purpose table with a water mattress for massages, relaxation and photorejunivation. Gently rocked by the water the client experiences an enveloping sense of pleasure.


A bed of warm quartz sand, which is purifying, alkalising and a disinfectant, it relaxes the muscles and benefits the bones and joints.


A Himalayan salt bed for relaxing and benefiting from the healing and regenerating effects of halotherapy.


It combines harmonious musical vibrations, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and heat, essential for stimulating and awakening the body’s energy.


A water bed that can be converted into a Himalayan salt or sand bed, allowing a wide range of treatments to be offered.


Hamam table, which in addition to water, has lighting and colour for treatments. Cutting-edge technology combined with tradition.


Professional massage table with chromotherapy. Guaranteed comfort thanks to its multi-layered mattress.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha.


The perfect curve of the Flag loungers is comfortable and relaxing. Covered in an anti-allergy and stain repellent eco-leather it also has chromotherapy, which can coordinate with the environment.


It combines all the essential forms of energy stimulation for well-being: harmonious musical vibrations, chromotherapy and heat.

Relaxation Loungers

Range of relaxation loungers with massage functions, chromotherapy and music therapy, which immerse the client in well-being, before, after or during other treatments. For beauty centres, waiting rooms, wet areas, swimming pools…

"You may travel the world but you will always have to return to yourself." Krishnamurti


It is essential for treatments to be given in a suitable setting. These details are what lead to the holistic experience being healing and relaxing for the client.


Light panel with RGB LED technology. This is a functional lighting module for chromotherapy.


A wall with adjustable shelves and a chromotherapy system regulated by remote control so that the colours can be selected according to the treatment.


Mobile unit with a cooler drawer, heat compartment and surface for holding and heating creams, wax, stones etc. It also has controlled lighting for chromotherapy.


Overhead light plane, which coordinated with other accessories creates an enveloping atmosphere, providing tranquillity for the client’s visual field during treatments.

Himalayan cube

Make any room into a regenerating halotherapy space, creating a healing atmosphere, combining the benefits of salt with chromotherapy, music therapy and aromatherapy.