Over 50 years creating well-being

We design and create wellness environments for your hotel, spa, health club and for your most personal spaces

Well-being comes to us through all the senses and INBECA creates experiences that take into account the body and the soul. Our saunas, hammams, swimming pools, spas, showers, spa-therapy products and dressing rooms are all tailor-made for each client and their specific needs. We create solutions adapted to homes, wellness centres, spas, gyms, clubs and hotels. We combine the latest technology in the manufacture of our products with artisanal work and a close relationship with the client: the work method we have followed for over 50 years.  

We continue to work with the same artisanal spirit that we put into the first sauna we made

Architects, interior designers, builders

Quality and a fantastic customer service are deserving of the trust we have gained from the most demanding architects, interior designers and contractors.

Hotels, spas, gyms

INBECA Wellness Equipment works with the top well-being centres, spas, hotels and sports clubs.

Second homes, residents’ associations

Wellness and well-being are no longer a luxury but a necessity. For this reason, at INBECA we create and adapt saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, spas, showers and accessories to your home, so that health and pleasure can form part of your day-to-day activities.

National and international distributors

We would like to recruit distributors who have an extensive knowledge of our products and who can provide technical assistance and equipment assembly, taking into account that we specialise above all in made-to-measure projects adapted to almost any customer requirement.

Featured Products

diseño de saunas finlandesas

Geneve sauna line

Saunas line with a state-of-the-art finish and a modern and attractive development.

baños de vapor o turcos

Mosaic steam bath

It is a mixed model between prefabricated cabins and work rooms that can be customized


Mosaic pools

Shape adaptability,  performance and equipment define our mosaic pools.

Well-being also lies in the customers’ piece of mind, knowing that they can trust the quality and customer service of INBECA

Respect for the environment

In our processes, when we select the materials and when we design our products, we always choose the solution that most respects the environment. A healthy natural environment is the basis of well-being.

The best after-sales service

Many of our customers have come to INBECA because of our recognised post-sales service. They know that they can always contact us and that we will find the fastest solution. From day one of forming part of the INBECA family.

Thoroughness, quality

INBECA follows strict quality protocols. We like to deliver and install our products, caring for the tiniest details because our customers demand high standards so that they can offer their end users the best possible experience.
We provide good advice for well-being and how to include it in your daily life without too much effort, tickets to our InbecaZen, surprises and, of course, the latest news and products.