Acrylic Steam Bath

Inbeca puts at your disposal the widest range of steam cabins designed for different types of spaces and needs. In turn, you can optionally incorporate a whole set of complements that improve the steam bath effects. All our cabins have electrical equipment with the main function of regenerating and injecting steam into the interior and automatically regulate steam quantity and temperature.

Non porous material, antibacterial

Straight lines or curves

Chromotherapy, starry sky

Technical characteristics

Construction system

Wall and ceiling modules made of sanitary methyl polymethacrylate, reinforced with multicomponent polyester resin and a fiberglass sheet.

  • Interior Structure in frames of anodized aluminium and support made of a sheet of phenolic resins.
  • Exterior faces coatings in phenolic white compact.
  • System of intermodular anchorage with a thermal silicone rubber profile.
  • Corner fitting outlined in white lacquer aluminium and self-anchorage with modules and rings.


  • 10mm thick Securit glass door with rubber joint and door stopper closing to prevent steam exit.
  • Benches built in white lacquer aluminium and rounded corner outline for further comfort.
  • Leakproof lighting with a wall bracket made of aluminium and with a lamp of 24 W-40 W.b Tubular door handle in stainless steel.
  • Diffuser for steam injection in white lacquered aluminium.
  • Control Panel with LCD screen.
  • Pushbutton for general light starting and cabin’s refrigeration, as well as a system of temperature and intensity control of the aroma dispenser.



A steam bath is a personal experience in which every little detail can add up in our rest and wellness time. For this reason, we have a wide range of accessories and complements that can transform a steam bath in a really unique moment. Colours, aromas, starry sky… You choose what you want and in Inbeca we make sure of having permanently in stock each and every product, refills and accessories that are susceptible of being replaced in time because of their use.


Stary sky

Music therapy

Aroma therapy

Eco Touch