Thermal contrast with our cold cabin

After a spa session, what better way to rebalance your body than with a thermal contrast experience?

Imagine entering a cold cabin where the walls of ice and the cold floor gently envelop you, giving you a feeling of freshness that revitalises your whole body. That’s what our frigidarium achieves, thanks to its entire wall of compacted ice about 5 to 10 cm thick. This icy wall can be incorporated into a building site or prefabricated with benches or loungers to create a cold cabin with the possibility of direct contact with the rock ice or it can be combined with an ice fountain.

Immerse yourself in the experience:

Upon entering this cabin, you will be enveloped by a feeling of freshness that will soothe your body and mind. With a carefully maintained temperature of 15 – 16 degrees, the cabin offers a gentle but effective thermal contrast. The cool walls and floor welcome you, providing a refreshing experience that perfectly complements the relaxation experienced in the previous spa sessions.

Revitalising benefits:

This cool environment is not only a great change after moments of relaxation in high temperatures, but also offers a number of revitalising benefits for the body and mind. The thermal contrast helps to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and promote an overall sense of well-being. In addition, the coolness provided by the cabin helps to close the pores of the skin, leaving it smooth and rejuvenated.

Complements for a complete experience:

To further enhance the benefits, the room can be combined with frosty ice falling gently from a fountain. The therapeutic objective of the ice fountain, like the frigidarium, is to provide the maximum thermal contrast in the thermal bath cycles, which is highly recommended for the general stimulation of the organism, due to its vasoconstrictor effect that makes the circulatory system more flexible. Unlike the frigidarium, its use is more traditional as it consists of applying the frosted ice to the surface of the body in a totally personalised way and according to taste.


This therapeutic complement gives our clients the possibility of obtaining exactly the same sensations as those obtained in a sauna session in the Baltic areas, where the sauna is combined with a contact massage with snow or ice to obtain the maximum effect of the thermal bath session.