Swiss shower

The bi-thermal Swiss shower combines a gentle rainfall created by the main shower head and various massage spray heads built into the walls at different levels. The effect is a gentle massage combined with thermal changes leading to a sensation of complete relaxation. The hypnotic combination of different aroma oils leads to a heightened sensation of relaxation and well-being. The aromatherapy system is optional.

Aromatherapy (optional)

Variety of cabins



  • This multi-function shower has 30 adjustable nozzles located in the cabin walls. They form five groups of 6 nozzles at five different heights. There is also a main round shower head (25 cm diameter) with multiple micro-outlets.
  • The possibilities of this shower are enormous and offer multiple therapy objectives according to the duration and combination of the levels programmed. The basic muscle areas of action with multiple combinations are: calve massage, thigh massage, buttocks massage, back massage, neck massage. The results with regard to relaxation, nerves and muscle distension are spectacular if used frequently.
  • There are three types of cabin: custom built, prefabricated modular and prefabricated stand-alone.
  • The showers are controlled from inside using the piezoelectric button.