Multijet Shower

The multijet 720 bi-thermal shower creates a gentle and abundant shower of hot water, produced by a 40 cm diameter shower head that has multiple micro-nozzles. Given the size of the surface area, this shower head generates a delightful and plentiful rainfall on the body, combining with cold and warm water misting nozzles that provide a thermal contrast that relaxes and tones the muscles. If combined with the aromatherapy system option, this shower becomes a scented therapeutic bath that creates a heightened sensation of muscle relaxation and well-being.

Different effects




  • The bi-thermal sequential shower is equipped with an electronic board with microprocessor and a touch screen for controlling all the functions described below. This system is designed so that all optional systems can be attached and controlled through the shower programmes.
  • The equipment comes with a series of factory installed shower programmes:

– 2 standard shower programmes.

– 18 personalised programmes: These programmes are empty and can be named for identification. The duration can be programmed and variable. Programming is easy using the screen. When creating a programme, the shower starts up and the desired changes are made from the screen. The equipment records the sequence until the programme has finished.

  • The three start buttons can be assigned to any of the available programmes. The user can select any of the three programmes from inside the shower cabin.
  • The colour of the lighting can be assigned to any of the available programmes. For example, if the hot shower is assigned the colour red and the cold shower blue, when the hot shower button is pressed the red light will automatically come on (optional). The white light can be switched on from the screen and activated permanently.
  • Chromotherapy options can be activated directly from the screen, choosing one of the 6 colours or a continuous sequential change.