Dressing rooms

INBECA believes that nothing is superfluous and that everything should form part of the well-being of the clients. Therefore, we put all our talents into designing changing rooms that people want to be in and where functionality and beauty exist side by side. Our cupboards, lockers, benches and partitions for changing rooms are made of durable materials of the very best quality. A wide range of colours and formats means that we can create made-to-measure spaces to meet the needs of each client. From spa centres to football clubs, we can provide the quality and design required.

“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” Alexander Wang


We use heat-strengthened phenolic laminates or HPL (high pressure laminates), which is durable, easy to clean and resistant to humidity, together with stainless steel for the closure devices to ensure a long lifespan.


An important aspect of HPL is its resistance to the growth of bacteria and viruses.

HPL and Aluminium

HPL with a coloured finish on both sides and an anodised aluminium structure combine elegance and functionality.


We also have a waterproof MDF option with a melamine finish.


Our benches are made from HPL and have high quality painted fittings that ensure a long lifespan for professional facilities. This material is also very durable and resistant to humidity, making it ideal for humid areas.

BF Line

An innovative design, it has a highly resistant stainless-steel structure and phenolic resin laminated wood boards.


Made-to-measure bench with different coloured finishes.

Special Designs

Benches can be made with special dimensions and formats according to the client’s needs.


Shower, basin and changing room cabins made of HPL, a waterproof and anti-bacterial material, with a colour finish on both sides or in glass and anodised aluminium.


Lockers for changing rooms made of HPL with a colour finish on both sides and an anodised aluminium structure.


We can also provide opaque glass doors and partitions with an anodised aluminium structure.


Each project has its specific measurements and requirements. At INBECA we have numerous accessories and adapt them to improve the functionality of the changing rooms and shower and toilet areas.


Countertops for basin areas in HPL, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and durability.

Shower dividers

We manufacture shower dividers according to the size and style required for the facilities.

 Changing room hangers

INBECA provides made-to-measure changing room hangers in the format required for each changing room.