Built-in steam bath

In Inbeca we provide you with all the necessary information to construct a completely built-in cabin and we also carry out a constant monitoring during the construction process to be able to reach optimum results. We also have a steam production and control equipment, special for this type of rooms, which incorporate a set of components that maximize its performance and guarantee the safety of the final user thanks to the integration of reliability devices.

Special designs





A steam bath is a personal experience in which every little detail can add up in our rest and wellness time. For this reason, we have a wide range of accessories and complements that can transform a steam bath in a really unique moment. Colours, aromas, starry sky… You choose what you want and in Inbeca we make sure of having permanently in stock each and every product, refills and accessories that are susceptible of being replaced in time because of their use.


Starry sky

Music therapy

Aroma therapy

Eco Touch