The four seasons shower

ducha cuatro estaciones con luz led azul

Do you know about Inbeca's four seasons shower? Do you know all its features? Here you'll find all the information you need about the four seasons shower, together with tips on how to make the most of enjoying the experience.

The four-station shower is a water jet that performs different functions for approximately 5 minutes, alternating different elements to offer the customer a 100% relaxing sensory experience.

Each of the following seasons has different characteristics and sets of led lights, with aromatherapy and water coming out in different ways and through different elements. Click on the following link to see the whole four seasons shower process live.





Each season simulates the sensations that we can experience at each time of the year, whether from the intensity and rhythm of the music, the types of water outlets or the lighting at any given moment.

The four seasons shower is ideal for health resorts, hotels and relaxation areas thanks to its great variety of functions. At the same time, it is an increasingly sought-after product for private individuals and private installations, as this type of shower does not require large spaces and is also easy and quick to install.

Technical aspects:

-Round, 40 cm diameter chrome shower head, with white LED perimeter lighting.

-4 large misting nozzles.

-4 fine misting nozzles.

-2 RGB LED light fittings.

-Music therapy stereo system with two 5W speakers and perimeter RGB LED lighting.

-The shower is operated using four push buttons, one for each season.

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