Stainless steel pools

An elegant material of attractive appearance, it is casted and manipulated with high technology that makes possible to obtain the perfect finished by respecting the properties of the steel, its gleam and reflections. Combined with a very resistant reinforcement to deformations and expansions, it is created a solid glass of perfect hermeticism. Due to this system, Inbeca have been able to execute a new project in the manufacture of stainless steel swimming pools.

We have a wide range of swimming pools in stainless steel models, for the different uses that nowadays are indispensable in installations as wellness centers, resorts, hotels, gymnasiums, etc. Or just for houses where it is required a high level of design. There is also the possibility of making custom-made inox swimming pools and inox spas.

With overflow

With skimmer

Infinite possibilities

Weather resistant

High technology

Perfect finishes



In our desire to go one step further and stand out from the crowd, we have carried out studies into the development and machining of stainless steel sheets and, as a result, we are able to offer a range of complements with different relaxation positions. For example, extremely comfortable airbeds and massage seats so you can customize your pool without losing this perfect smoothness, shape and join between the different components. The design and perfect finish of our components, such as spotlights, skimmers, suction fittings, waterfalls… have been meticulously selected to fit harmoniously and elegantly into a stainless steel pool.


Multiple jets





Handrails and stairs