Solid Surface Steam Bath

A new line of prefabricated steam baths, with a minimalist design and high added value. Made using elegant materials of the best quality, with optimum results for environments with demanding climates. It is durable and has unique resistance and hardness qualities. It is low maintenance and extremely easy to clean.

Straight or curved lines

Non-porous, anti-bacterial materials

White or blue LED lighting

Technical characteristics


  • Wall modules: Made in 12mm thick solid surface settled on on adonised aluminium perimeter structure and reinforced by building panels.
  • Ceiling: Vaulted ceiling made in solid surface modules of 3 mm, standing on anodized aluminium support, and tighten up with multicoated layers of polyester resin.
  • Inner elements: Interior elements: bench, lounger and pouffe (depending on model) made in 12mm solid surface with stainless steel structure (Lower bench of 90cm).

– Built in steam output with grid made in 12mm solid surface – Steam outlet nozzle made of Teflon. – Stainless steel LED spotlights

  • Upper and lower ring: Anodized aluminium.
  • Handle: Tubular in stainless steel.
  • Front: laminated glass (5+5) of 10 mm.
  • Door: 8mm tempered glass, glass/glass hinges in anodised aluminium. 61 cm width*. *Can vary according to customised desig

Electric systems

  • Lighting:

– Spots : 12V White LED – Under bench: 12V RGB LED

  • Control panel: Ecotouch
  • Steam group: According to model
  • Connection:
400 V III + Neutral + Grounding
230 V III + Grounding
230 V I + Neutral (9Kw maximum



A steam bath is a personal experience in which every little detail can add up in our rest and wellness time. For this reason, we have a wide range of accessories and complements that can transform a steam bath in a really unique moment. Colours, aromas, starry sky… You choose what you want and in Inbeca we make sure of having permanently in stock each and every product, refills and accessories that are susceptible of being replaced in time because of their use.


Starry sky

Music therapy

Aroma therapy

Eco Touch