Barcelona line

With a total ergonomic and functional design, the Barcelona line has upgraded us to a higher level and awarded us with an international recognition thanks to its unique features. Built and panelled in the outside with high quality wood, and the inside is even more appealing for its numerous details: anatomical headrests and rounded edges that maximize its comfort, a traditional sand clock, frontal panels between benches, automatic temperature control with display panels that are built-in the frontals which have stainless steel framings and liquid glass screens, an Ipe wood floor platform, LED technology in lighting and chromotherapy and the ceiling is made out of Birch bark. In this new line, Inbeca has put together exclusivity, design, quality and functionality in a single cabin.


Relaxing lights

Functional design

Spruce wood


Technical specifications


  • Wall panels: Building in spruce wood with 104 mm hemlock or spruce wood chipboard placed horizontally, 12 mm chipboard insulated inside with glass fiber.
  • Roof panels: Birch wood
  • Inner items: Flat designed front benches, fences, lamps, backrest, etc., made in Ayous wood
  • Inner ring: Made of anodized aluminium
  • Handle:Tubular profile made of stainless steel -wood / wood – wood
  • Door: 8 mm thick made in tempered glass, hinges made in anodized aluminium. 61,7 cm width *According to customised designs.
  • Window: Laminated glass (5+5) of 10 mm

Electricity systems

  • Lighting: LED 12 V,white light.
  • Control Panel: Ecotouch.
  • Heater: According to different models
  • Connections: Silicon wiring
    400 V III + N-white wire + Ground wire
    230 V III + N-white wire+ Ground wire
    230 V I + N-white wire (Max 9 Kw)



In Inbeca we provide a wide selection of accessories and complements so that you can enjoy of your relax moment with all your five senses. Because it is always those small details that make a difference in creating a unique moment and only taking care of every detail we will be able to obtain the maximum benefits of your sauna. A starry sky for your eyes, music for your ears… even a Bio system to create a more moderate climate combining the dry sauna with the steambath. All the complements perfectly adjust to our sauna models and you will be able to change them whenever you find it necessary.


Starry sky


Bio System

Hidden heater

Automatic water/essences dispenser

Salt wall

Different door models