At INBECA we are very aware of the benefits that a regular sauna provides. For 50 years we have been perfecting the best techniques and materials to provide pleasant and healing experiences. The results of this experience are the different lines of saunas that combine the best woods, materials and finishes with lighting, infrared rays and different styles. However, the main line is the one we will design together, which best adapts to each and every need. We present a 3D model so that the end finish can be chosen in all certainty.

Finland has five million inhabitants and three million saunas. That many people can’t be wrong.


We have adapted the essence of the sauna to current times, with updated models and top-quality materials.

We create spaces for health for relaxing the nervous system, stimulating circulation, oxygenating the body, eliminating toxins and improving muscle elasticity.

Beyond the originality of its design, the circular sauna encourages communication and the ancestral spirit of the Finnish sauna.

Elegant plywood, providing enormous stability and guaranteeing a perfect performance in high temperatures. Minimalist design and glass exterior.

This includes standard elements such as the glass façade with no bottom frame, RGB LED chromotherapy lighting in the backrest and a parquet floor platform.

Comfortable rounded shapes, automatic temperature control panel, IPE wood floor platform, chromotherapy lighting and a birch wood bark ceiling.

Excellent price-quality ratio and easy to maintain for private customer needs. It includes the Classic, Professional and Select ranges.

Cabin that can withstand the worst weather conditions, without affecting functionality, conveniences and beauty. Adapted to any model.