INBECA with professionals

Spaces and equipment that all add to the experience

A fusion of our well-being spaces with your project

We have a wide range of styles, finishes and materials, which enable us to fuse our made-to-measure and off-plan products with your spaces. Every last detail of all our creations is designed with aesthetics and quality.

We collaborate in the entire design of the project, thanks to our technical and professional abilities, allowing us to closely coordinate our work with that of the construction company, the architects and the interior designers. We sell projects, no just products.


Our saunas, hammams, swimming pools, spas, showers, spa-therapy products and dressing rooms are all tailor-made for each customer and their particular needs.

3D models

We know that it isn’t always easy for customers to visualise how the project will ultimately look. For this reason, we make rendered 3D models.

21st century artisans

We use the latest technological tools for the final product as well as the process. CAD, 3D, apps and automation are now part of our DNA but we continue to work and treat our creations with the same artisanal spirit as that of 50 years ago.

Every last detail is designed with aesthetics and quality