Swimming pool manufacturers

Piscina de acero inoxidable

Swimming pool manufacturers

In Inbeca we are swimming pool manufacturers with a long track-record, which is why we are constantly updating and innovating to offer our customers the highest quality.

Our specialties

Swimming pools with overflow: If you are looking to catch people's eyes, pools with overflow are the solution, because the water spills over the edges, creating a very pleasant visual effect.

Swimming pools with skimmer Another alternative to the overflow; in this case, the water in the pool is not flush with the surface, and instead is below the edge of the pool.

Swimming pools with hydrotherapy: Combining pool and spa is always a good idea. With our pools, you can enjoy a therapeutic experience combined with water and air jets, fountains and waterfalls.

Mosaic-tiled swimming pools: These pools come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, and what matters most is what meets the eye.

Covered swimming pools: Sometimes, we have to build our pools in parts if they are difficult to install. When does this happen? In the case of an indoor sports centre, the client wants to put a swimming pool inside. In this case, the pool is built piece by piece and put together once it is at the location.

Outdoor swimming pools: These are the star attraction of the summer or all year round if the pool is heated.

Swimming pool for hotels: Swimming pools are always in great demand by hotels. Tourists look for accommodation in hotels that have their own swimming pool or wellness areas.


Stainless steel swimming pools

Stainless steel allows us to create creative spaces for relaxation and wellness. . As it is a material with many applications and benefits, we have a wide variety of designs available, both for swimming pools and spas.

Our stainless steel pools are highly customisable, which is why there is a wide variety of accessories available. Some of the most popular are:

Jets: Both air and water jets, a fundamental element for a hydrotherapy pool.

Chromotherapy: For both therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. It helps to create a pleasant atmosphere and, depending on the colour selected, it stimulates different senses.

Fountains and waterfalls: A differentiating element in pools for health resorts, hotels or private individuals. We have different models and hydrotherapeutic effects.


Therapy in pools

The constant evolution of the world in which we live has shown us that water therapies help us to rehabilitate our bones and muscles; therapies that have already been in use for ages, in high performance athletes, through treadmills submerged in water, newborn babies submerging for the first time, or people with some physical impediment, injury or ailment.

However, in recent years, research has been carried out in the field of cerebrovascular injuries and very encouraging results have been obtained. There is evidence to show that people with cerebrovascular difficulties who engage in water activities and/or treatments manage to improve in different areas, such as their muscle strength, balance or general functionality. These small improvements in the different variables evaluated represent great advances for patients with cerebromuscular problems.