Industry 4.0, INBECA with the people

These are times of change, of developments, of industry 4.0, of putting people first, of connecting and collaborating and of preserving the environment. This is clear to INBECA, from the moment we choose our raw materials to providing the best after-sales service. Our philosophy is expressed in our products and projects of beauty and quality, created by people thinking about people. Furthermore, being a family business gives us the human touch valued by our customers and provides us with solid roots that enable us to look ahead to the future without losing our authenticity.

People first

At INBECA we take care of our team’s well-being. We make sure that work is enjoyable and this is ultimately reflected in our products.

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to offer them all the well-being that our creations provide and the tranquillity of knowing that they are acquiring quality, beauty and durability.

We collaborate and co-create with our partners, making their work easier, forming winning teams with them.

Protecting the environment

We consider the environment when selecting and treating the materials we use and throughout all our processes.

We believe that we form part of an incredible ecosystem and that the well-being of us all depends on treating the environment with great care.

Connecting people and processes

To join forces and to save time and materials, we work towards including new technologies in every possible area. To facilitate our team’s work, to provide a better service to our clients and to optimise materials and processes, at the same time preserving the environment.

We use new technologies for collaborations and co-creations.

Proud of our origins, looking ahead to the future

Over fifty years ago, Antonio Camps built two Finnish saunas in his carpenter’s workshop in Barcelona. The first was commissioned by a foreign customer and the second, guided by his intuition, when this was still an unknown product. A vision that was to be the seed of what is today INBECA Wellness Equipment. A company, that with all the means and scope to manufacture top-quality high-tech products, continues to work with the same artisanal spirit and loyalty to its customers as always. Currently, the company, managed by the second generation, exports a quarter of what it produces, satisfying the most demanding markets.