Steam baths or hammams have been used as a way to improve and maintain health throughout history. Just as different cultures and traditions have adapted them to their customs and latitudes, at INBECA we create tailor-made spaces to suit our customers’ needs.

The steam bath is typical of many cultures, an ancestral tradition that purifies the body and soul.

Elegance and design are the principles of this spectacular steam bath. Its interior design guarantees well-being in all its glory.

Prefabricated and clad with mosaic, it provides beauty, perfect insulation and is watertight. You can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes.

The irregular stone finish is elegant, durable and creates a unique environment. It can be combined with hydrotherapy showers.

A cabin that has lots of light and is spacious. Smooth finish that guarantees a prolonged use and makes cleaning the hammam easy and more hygienic. Suitable for public swimming pools, hotels and gyms.

Remaining loyal to the ancestral origins of the steam bath and so that you can benefit from the thermal contrast, we can adapt any hammam to an outdoor environment.

We provide all the information and follow up for building a custom-made steam bath, using the best steam generation and control equipment. The ceiling can be arched and the façade exposed glass.


Relaxation therapy to clean the skin, oxygenate the airways, relax muscles and improve circulation.

Steam baths also help fight stress and mental fatigue.

Steam generators

Steam generator for the home, designed so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a hammam in your own bathroom. Designed for shower box.


With all the technology and durability needed for continual use. Adaptable to custom made cabins and our prefabricated steam bath range.