Professional bathtubs

We offer additional equipment for an automatic and programmable pressure jet massage which will provide you multiple options to enjoy hydrotherapy. A completely hermetic equipment with white plastic covering of all the outlines and with the following characteristics:

– Bathtub with Plexiglas body reinforced with fibre glass and polyester

– Panel with movable accessories and outlines with 4 adjustable stainless steel corrosion-proof feet

– Bathtub with an anatomical shape in 3 colours: light blue, lime-green or white

– Chock for the feet, seat adapted to the bathtub and armrests

– Inflatable cervical pad

Inbeca’s Hydroprofi bath is adapted for the treatment of every type of muscular problems and it is also ideal to accelerate many aesthetic treatments such as slimming treatments, sculpturing treatments, firming treatments, anti-cellulite treatments, etc